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Speaking Testimonials

The following are testimonials voluntarily remitted by individuals who heard Hillel L.  Presser, Esq., MBA and/or and Ariel R.  Enisman, Esq.  speak on Asset Protection and other legal topics over the past few years.

February 15, 2018: "The speaker demonstrated remarkable depth and aptitude through articulate, dense quality information in a very efficient delivery."

February 13, 2018: "Excellent in all facets."

January 26, 2018: "Very eye opening and easily applicable.  It definitely motivated me to take some action to protect my business."

January 25, 2018: "Very thorough overview of asset protection.  Took home some things I can look into immediately."

January 24, 2018: "Approachable and incredibly articulate."

January 23, 2018: "Wow.  I had no idea how to protect my assets of that they could be protected to the extent that is "

January 23, 2018: "Time went by too quickly -- such a wealth of information."

January 19, 2018: "Very well done.  Made a very complex subject understandable to all."

January 18, 2018: "Content-rich presentation for both business and personal value, and very interactive."

January 10, 2018: "Very informative, speaker was excellent, broke complex concepts into easy-to-understand material."

December 14, 2017: "This is critical info for business owners."

December 13, 2017: "I learned so much from this speaker."

December 12, 2017: "Good stuff -- valuable even if you don't think you have lots of assets."

December 12, 2017: "By far the best presentation that I've attended in my almost three years at Vistage."

November 16, 2017: "A must for everyone.  I had no idea how much I didn't know."

November 16, 2017: "Very competent speaker and able to expertly interact."

November 14, 2017: "Very good presentation.  I think this was one of my favorites over my 7 years as a member."

November 14, 2017: "Every business person with assets should pay attention."

November 9, 2017: "EVERYONE stayed in their seats -- no sudden meetings called them away."

November 8, 2017: "Great stuff.  Nimble presenter.  Fabulous at letting members drive the conversation."

November 2, 2017: "Worth every penny."

October 26, 2017: "Perhaps the most useful session I have attended in Vistage."

September 21, 2017: "He took a very heavy topic and broke it down almost simply and understandably."

September 19, 2017: "Smartest speaker ever! She knew her stuff!"

September 14, 2017: "Practical information that can be implemented immediately -- very nice job."

September 13, 2017: "Everyone needs some, or all, of his information."

September 12, 2017: "Very valuable real-life stuff."

August 31, 2017: "Best speaker I have seen in my two years at Vistage!"

August 16, 2017: "Ariel's illustrations and examples were well matched to the discussion topics and provided real world applicability to the discussions."

August 8, 2017: "Best speaker and topic we have had so far."

July 19, 2017: "Very clear message and presented in a perfect way."

July 13, 2017: "Great insight on a subject many do not think about, but should."

July 13, 2017: "I got far more from this presentation than I ever expected.  Thank you."

July 11, 2017: "One session is not enough.  I want this man back."

July 11, 2017: "Valuable insights.  Need to consider and act on the advice.  GREAT!"

July 11, 2017: "Great ideas & strategies for protecting everything we own!"

June 15, 2017: "Great presentation with a lot of examples and comments that add a lot of clarity to an involved subject​"

May 18, 2017: "Best presentation in my 2+ year."

May 18, 2017: "Confident, humorous, helpful and timely."

May 18, 2017: "Should be at the top of all groups speaker list."

May 10, 2017: "Excellent presentation very knowledgeable and interesting topic."

May 10, 2017: "Great great speaker lots of information and wonderful personality."

May 10, 2017: "Great lessons to take action."

May 10, 2017: "This addresses the real world issue of protecting against frivolous or justified law suits."

May 9, 2017: "Best speaker this year."

May 5, 2017:​ "Great presentation and excellent information.."

May 5, 2017:​ "Very eye opening for younger members (any myself!)."

May 5, 2017:​ "Hillel was a very good speaker.  I am very rarely able to pay attention to speakers for that length of time, but his talk was very involved, interesting and worthwhile!"

May 5, 2017:​ "Very complete snd clear.  Learned 2 actions for me personally and my brother in law."

May 4, 2017:​ "Hillel covered a lot of important information that would normally be very boring in entertaining and understandable way."

May 4, 2017: "Hilel was excellent at endorsing, supporting and respecting objectives. Given that he presents so often, he by no means let his guard down or became casual about his role and value.  Highly recommend."

May 4, 2017:​ "Highly recommend him for most any group."

May 4, 2017:​ "He was prompt and communicative in all parts of the process and did a great job despite the fact that it was his second presentation of the day."

May 4, 2017:​ "Awesome."

May 4, 2017:​ "Practical advice and approach to a otherwise complex topic.  Good stuff."

May 4, 2017:​ "Eye opening and interesting."

May 4, 2017:​ "Great speaker I learned a lot."

May 4, 2017:​ "Had everyone's attention about the importance of planning!"

May 3, 2017:​ "Excellent presentation.  Good examples.  Provided reality."

May 3, 2017:​ "Excellent and very practical --very worthwhile."

May 3, 2017: "Excellent Presentation."

May 3, 2017: "Eye opening!!! Owner 101."

May 2, 2017: "Very good and interesting presentation.  It is a lot to take in, but very valuable to learn about."

April 20, 2017: "We have had several solid speakers this year as promised by Dick. Hillel was no exception ..."

April 20, 2017: "I thought he was one of the best.  As Michelle stated, the 3 hours went by fast."

April 19, 2017: "The output matched the expectations."

April 19, 2017: "There was a lot of very valuable information."

April 19, 2017: "It was well presented and paced in a way that made it manageable."

April 18, 2017: "Excellent information and presentation."

April 18, 2017: "Good real world content."

April 18, 2017: "I was impressed.  Very knowledgeable and kept the presentation flowing."

April 18, 2017: "It was a wonderful presentation.  Lots of info,...well organized and presented!"

April 13, 2017: "I took away several strategic points for my personal and business asset protection."

April 13, 2017: "One of the best speakers we have had in years!"

April 13, 2017: "This presentation was excellent.  Since some of the content was complex, I appreciate his approach using repetition and pulling things together."

April 12, 2017: "Very good presentation.  Fast paced, which I liked.  Lots of great content, which I loved."

April 11, 2017: "Great presentation!"

April 4, 2017: "Amazing."

April 4, 2017: "Eye opening."

April 4, 2017: "Great reminders."

April 4, 2017: "Awesome delivery."

April 4, 2017: "Top notch firm."

April 4, 2017: "Great.  All business owners need to see this and decide how it applies to them."

April 4, 2017: "Hillel does a great job discussing and delivering what is a very complicated topic by cutting to the chase and addressing questions head on.  Every business owner NEEDS to hear this presentation."

April 4, 2017: "I though the presentation was excellent.  The information provided was very informative."

April 4, 2017: "One of the best speaker I have heard so far.  Would recommend him to any group."

March 15, 2017: "Best speaker on a practical topic that affects everyone that we have had in a long while."

March 15, 2017: "I have many take-aways and action items."

March 15, 2017: "Excellent and useful information for all high net worth individuals!! Many useful takeaways!!!"

March 9, 2017: "A lot to digest but really eye-opening!"

March 9, 2017: "Fantastic job.  Thank you for making the trip to speak to the Group. Everyone appreciated the presentation as well as the additional resources you provided."

March 9, 2017: "Great presentation made in such a way that was easy to understand. Good practical take-away information to act upon."

February 21, 2017: "AMAZING presentation and HUGELY valuable."

February 21, 2017: "Entertaining + great content = great use of time."

February 21, 2017: "Hillel is popular for a reason... the information he provides is different than any other speaker we have."

February 15, 2017: "Great! Personal info, personable, informative.  Interesting!"

February 15, 2017: "Personable, informative, good flow of info!"

February 15, 2017: "Great action plan."

February 15, 2017: "Spot on — very impressed."

February 14, 2017: "Great content, very interesting topic."

February 14, 2017: "Great speaker; learned a lot."

February 14, 2017: "Includes information to help with both personal and business activities."

January 25, 2017: "Excellent information."

January 25, 2017: "Lots of items to consider and think about.

January 25, 2017: "Top 10 presentation!"

January 18, 2017: "Hillel is a very knowledgable law specialist and has a very acceptable delivery."

January 18, 2017: "Quality time spent."

December 15, 2016: "Best speaker I have had so far.  Would recommend to everyone."

December 15, 2016: "He's a winner.  Great takeaways."

December 14, 2016: "High energy speaker"

December 7, 2016: "Wow, a lot of powerful information, well delivered."

December 7, 2016: "Hillel was very informative and gave very valuable information to use immediately."

November 10, 2016: "Wonderful presenter with an amazing ability to summarize a complex topic in a short presentation."

November 10, 2016: "Very good information and presented great.  Good interaction with the group and great ability of the speaker to answer specific questions."

November 10, 2016: "One of the best! Great, practical information.  I learned a lot!"

November 8, 2016: "Very useful"

November 8, 2016: "Excellent content and very beneficial for me."

November 8, 2016: "Excellent all the way around and have to admit I didn't think I would be very interested in the topic when I read about it.  This had so much personal and business relevance the whole way through!"

October 11, 2016: "Unique presentation is a must for all Members."

October 11, 2016: "The entire presentation was invaluable."

September 23, 2016: "Great strategies and highly applicable."

September 15, 2016: "Great speaker and very practical info."

September 15, 2016: "Outstanding design of presentation.  Logical flow that helped me orient myself to the content."

September 12, 2016: "Best info this year"

September 8, 2016: "Excellent and valuable info"

September 8, 2016: "Great presentation"

September 8, 2016:"Very engaging.....he could easily consume the day"

August 15, 2016: "Last week had Hillel Presser "Asset Protection for the Business Owner" present to my 2 CE Groups.  Many of us have met Him or his firm at Chairworld and/or VES's.  Both my group members we're amazed and definitely a WOW factor both Business wise and personal wise.  Subject matter with immed.  take home value."

August 12, 2016: "I thought it was great and although I know it could have been a longer presentation, I think the 1 hour was just perfect and gave us enough info if we want to pursue it further."

August 11, 2016: "I thought this was a perfect Speaker for not only our group but also for Vistage as a whole"

August 11, 2016: "That was one of the best speakers we've had.  His delivery was fantastic and very understandable"

August 11, 2016: "This presentation exceeded my expectations.  It is by far the most useful presentation I have attended! Hillel is engaging, knowledgeable and helpful."

August 10, 2016: "Awesome content that every business owner or for that matter anyone MUST know.  Take home tremendous!"

August 10, 2016: "Excelllent Presentation, Looking forward to him completing and presenting his next presentation — Business Sucession Planning."

August 10, 2016: "Great presentation on asset protection.  Made complex subject easy to understand and enjoyable."

August 10, 2016: "Very applicable and necessary information."

July 28, 2016: "Awesome value"

July 28, 2016: "Excellent information — a lot to take in, but very well presented. Questions were taken and solid answers provided."

July 28, 2016: "Larger slide copies for handouts would make notes easier to use. Other than that, the delivery was excellent."

July 28, 2016: "Lots of knowledge"

July 28, 2016: "Very informative.  Great advice delivered in a very efficient and interesting way."

July 27, 2016: "Necessary for all Vistage members"

July 27, 2016: "Opened my eyes to all the exposure to litigation and being sued. Will start to protect my assetts."

July 27, 2016: "Wow!! Everybody should have this info."

July 21, 2016: "Great presentation.  Managed questions and timing exceptionally."

July 21, 2016: "I thought he did a great job leading us through this complex set of topics and did an especially nice job fielding specific questions related to the content."

July 20, 2016: "Excellent info, presentation was solid"

July 20, 2016: "Great & valuable take home"

July 20, 2016: "Great presentation.  Thought at time the speaker had a tendency to simplify the perceived complexity of what he is suggesting"

July 20, 2016: "Lots of great info that we can use right away.  Wonderful at answering questions.  Great presentation!"

July 19, 2016: "Best and most important speaker ever for an executive."

July 19, 2016: "Very good presentation and everything was very applicable to business owners and in every day life"

July 13, 2016: "Maybe the best presentation ,surely in the top 3-4 in my opinion"

July 13, 2016: "The summary graphic is of great take home value.  One of the best I've ever heard on this topic"

July 12, 2016: "Great presentation on a topic that doesn't get a lot of attention. Very useful."

July 12, 2016: "Surprising and extremely valuable!"

June 22, 2016:"Great presentation (both content and delivery)"

June 22, 2016: "Hillel did a fantastic job!"

June 22, 2016: "Hillel was excellent.  Clearly a top specialist in his field.  Also, very engaging speaker!"

June 14, 2016: "Literally just paid for all of my Vistage dues ever with what I learned today.  Game changing for my ability to save and protect what I make."

June 14, 2016: "This presentation was game changing.  It is an absolute must for every Vistage group."

June 14, 2016: "Awakening session."

June 7, 2016: "Very practical on both a personal and business level."

June 2, 2016: "Great strategies for asset protection.  Speaker made me think through scenarios I didn't know existed.  I wish he would have balanced his simple strategies with the not so simple accounting side of the strategy."

June 2, 2016: "His discussion of assets helped me think through my personal situation and what I might do to protect my assets."

June 2, 2016: "The presentation was very eye opening, I really appreciated the post discussion with others in the group to bring the discussion down to a practical and applicable level for my personal asset protection as well as my company asset protection."

May 11, 2016: "Fantastic content and great delivery, I highly recommend!"

May 11, 2016: "Good interesting information that I can really use.  The speaker had a great delivery with some good humor.

May 11, 2016: "I believe the concepts that were presented are likely more complex than he indicated.  He often said simple...and it is extensive and complex."

May 11, 2016: "I was very impressed with Hillel's thorough understanding of asset protection and his ability to effectively communicate his rationale. I could see the business owners in the group experiencing Aha moments throughout the presentation.  I was hoping that he spend some time talking about non-profits and foundations; he mentioned that he would get to those topics, but didn't.  He engaged individually with the members of the group.  His sense of humor was delightful."

May 5, 2016: "Definitely going to implement many concepts."

May 5, 2016: "Great information, I just wish I had more assets to protect."

May 5, 2016: "Hillel was GREAT!"

March 15, 2016: "Awesome! Very useful."

March 15, 2016: "Wish he'd stayed longer."

March 15, 2016: "This was spot on strong content.  Any time we get a lawyer or a financial planner, I expect a tease and a loss lead.  This was real content.​"

March 9, 2016: "Very relevant with issues that face asset protection."

March 9, 2016: "Excellent and Engaging"

March 9, 2016: "He was the best so far"

March 2, 2016: "Outstanding presentation"

March 2, 2016: "The take home value from this presenter was the best so far​."

February 9, 2016: "Hillel and is a natural teacher and speaker."

February 2, 2016: "Just Awesome!"

February 2, 2016: "Very impressive and insightful presentation."

January 14, 2016: "Very useful information that I will be acting on."

January 13, 2016: "He is somebody I actually want in my corner for life."

January 13, 2016: "Hillel took a very complicated topic and made it very easy to understand. Every member had a real take-away."

January 7, 2016: "extremely valuable information"

January 7, 2016: "Information that I would likely have never known on my own or discovered otherwise that is hugely beneficial."

January 6, 2016: "Lots of good info for small businesses"

January 6, 2016: "Best one yet"

January 5, 2016: "Very informative and he did a great job of presenting."

January 5, 2016: "I always take a tid bit or two away from a Vistage speaker, but your knowledge and expertise was exceptional.  Great job. (I never fill out surveys, you impressed me)."

January 5, 2016: "Great presentation.  Very useful information and quite unique."

December 9, 2015: "​Perhaps the best speaker since I joined Vistage!"

December 9, 2015: "Every Vistage group should have his presentation — was ranked the best speaker ever by the group"

December 2, 2015: "Hillel did a awesome job with his presentation.  His books are great"

December 2, 2015: "He was articulate, used great examples, and made it easy to understand a complicated subject."

December 2, 2015: "Excellent presentation of highly relevant materials"

October 19, 2015: "Your presentation was one of the best we've ever had."

September 21, 2015: "One of the best"

September 17, 2015: "Very impressed with him and his area of expertise."

September 17, 2015: "Well designed topics that reinforced my past experiences but also provided new insights.  Hillel breaks down the information so that non-attorneys could understand the topics."

September 17, 2015: "Best one I've attended in 17 months."

September 10, 2015: "Very fun and informative.  Compelling!"

September 10, 2015: "The content was so interesting and relevant"

September 10, 2015: "Excellent session, an attorney that makes asset protection easier to understand......outstanding"

August 6, 2015: “The information was very applicable and helpful.”

August 6, 2015: “Highly engaging and informative presentation that provided numerous nuggets of information to apply to both business and personal asset protection.”

August 6, 2015: “Very helpful and applicable info.  Hillel knows his stuff and was interesting”

July 28, 2015: "It was very informative and entertaining.  We have many speakers and you are by far one of the best"

June 23, 2015: “Let everyone know how good and useful this information is.  Invite him back again.”

June 23, 2015: “Mr.  Presser's knowledge of protecting assets was very eye opening. All business owners should at least read his books if they don't get an opportunity to hear his presentation.”

June 23, 2015: “Our group all felt Hillel Presser's workshop was the best presentation the group has had to date.  I as chair would concur.  Really made me think about assets I did not consider needing protection.”

June 16, 2015: “Excellent material content and excellent speaker presentation style.”

June 16, 2015: “Overall one of the best presentation topics I've experienced as part of Vistage.  I appreciate that Hillel was able to cover a vast amount of valuable material and create a pretty clear picture of the steps we should consider taking.  He also underscored the importance of working together as a team involving our current accounting, financial and legal people.”

May 28, 2015: “Very thought provoking topic that is not in common circulation.”

May 21, 2015: “Fantastic material and information.  Very helpful.”

May 08, 2015: “Good wake up call.  Great content especially in such a litigious society.”

May 08, 2015: “Program is excellent.”

April 17, 2015: “Excellent delivery.  There was so much to absorb from the content and the speaker did a good job in being able to reach everyone in the room.  His illustrations were very understandable.  Fantastic knowledge and passion!”

March 19, 2015: “Great information! Great insight! I like that Hillel tailored his content to the meeting members issues.”

March 19, 2015: “Perfect timing with very informative information.”

March 18, 2015: “The material and its applicability was excellent.  I could have listened to him all day.”

February 26, 2015: “His presentation was great.  I found it extremely valuable.  He did a nice job keeping it as simple as possible.”

February 26, 2015: “Terrific info we spend to much time running a business and not enough investing in ourselves.”

February 18, 2015: “Excellent----Members really enjoyed.  Thanks! It was a real kick in the pants!”

February 10, 2015: “It's unusual to be exposed to a topic that is relevant and valuable and about which I knew absolutely nothing.  But Hillel accomplished this in his presentation.”

February 10, 2015: “I highly recommend him and the topic.  Members took away an incredible amount of important info from Attorney Presser.  His knowledge and presentation style is first class.  Very important information for us.”

January 04, 2015: “Excellent.  All members in our group were very focused and got a lot out of this speakers content.”

December 04, 2014: “Great presentation with great information an eye opening presentation on liability and simple cost effective means for asset protection.“

December 04, 2014: “Great drawn visuals to simplify complicated entities.  Dense material able to be explained simply.  Very good presentation.”

June 18, 2014: “One of the best, most straight forward sensible presentation on this difficult topic.  Very valuable information.”

June 18, 2014: “Great and needed information that everyone needs to know.”

June 18, 2014: “Fast paced, but informative, complicated information presented in an understandable manner.”

May 08, 2014: “I really felt this was valuable and will most likely call him myself.  Last year I conserved his company and am very curious.”

May 08, 2014: “Good speaker good knowledge bare relevant to entrepreneurship.”

May 08, 2014: “Very good.  Applicable.  Gave me a lot to think of regarding asset protection for my company.”

January 09, 2014: “Knowledge, expertise, experience.  Very valuable to the members.”

January 09, 2014: “He opened my eyes on LLC vs.  Corp.  A lot to think about, but very practical info.”

January 09, 2014: “Very timely to my business development.  Perhaps the most practical I've heard yet.”

January 08, 2014: “Strong experience, knowledge, track record.”

January 08, 2014: “Hillel's presentation was timely and hit the biggest concern that I have.  Very interesting topics.”

January 07, 2014: “Strong knowledge, experience, presentation skills.”

December 18, 2013: “I liked the content of the presentation.  It was very informative. I also think Hillel did a great job of stating things clearly to make sure they were understood by everybody.”

December 18, 2013: “Very Good Information.  Interesting.”

November 20, 2013: “The speaker presented a vast amount of relevant content in an appropriate amount of time.  I would highly recommend this speaker to other groups.”

November 20, 2013: “This is a very informative speaker and if CEO's use the information contained in the presentation it will greatly reduce some of the risks that may put some companies out of business.”

November 20, 2013: “It focuses on an area of reducing risks that is seldom focused upon by CEO's who pay attention to sales, marketing, productivity and other areas and all of a sudden may face a rude awakening.”

November 20, 2013: “This presentation is a MUST SEE for CEO's.  Subject matter very relevant to most CEO.  He covered a lot of good material in a short time.”

November 20, 2013: “He has made an immediate impact on my business and estate planning. Very useful and specialized information.  Excellent and very knowledgable.”


You may think that your wealth is safe and that you don't need protection. But don't delude yourself and accept reality — for every 60 minutes you spend making money, spend 60 seconds thinking about how to protect it!
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