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Financial Self Defense

Authored by Hillel L.  Presser, Esq., MBA

Female Version Narrated by Katie Plank


This book won't make you rich.  Not another dime wealthier.  But it can be the most important financial book that you'll ever read because it has an equally important objective: This book will show you how toprotect what you now own! You will avoid becoming poorer!

That objective is vital in this day and age when the real trick is not to make money but to keep it!

The first goal of this book is to convince you that you must think and act defensively to keep your wealth safe.  The book's broader mission is to reveal the many highly-effective strategies and tactics that I have successfully used to "judgment-proof" the assets of thousands of people against virtually every type of financial disaster.  Within these pages is the blueprint to build your own financial fortress so you and your family gain a comforting new level of financial security.  And you can accomplish this more easily and with less expense than you might imagine. However, fortifying your wealth will take a seismic shift in how you now think about your wealth and how you financially plan.  In sum, you must think and act defensively as your first step.

Why do so many people spend so much time and effort building their wealth, yet give so little forethought about how to keep it safe? It's true.  Few people do anything meaningful to shelter their assets from life's inevitable financial disasters: lawsuits, creditors, ex-spouses, foreclosure and so forth. The list of potential threats to your wealth is endless.

Who's safe from these and other financial reversals? Nobody.  These troubles eventually strike each of us, and often when we least expect it.  Until it does, we don't think much about losing our wealth.  We simply strive to accumulate more.  That's a huge mistake!

If that's you, you need a paradigm shift in your thinking for this book to help you.  Accept my challenge.  For every hour you work to increase your wealth, invest one minute thinking on how you might better protect it.  Once you have your financial self-defense plan in place, make more money.  You'll be building on a solid foundation.


Chapter 1: Planning

Chapter 2: Strategies

Chapter 3: For your home and other real estate

Chapter 4: For your investments

Chapter 5: For your retirement accounts

Chapter 6: For your estate and inheritance

Chapter 7: For your business or professional practice

Chapter 8: For your other assets

Chapter 9: Against lawsuits

Chapter 10: From foreclosures

Chapter 11: For divorce

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