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Asset Protection

Asset protection is one of the most important things you can do to secure your financial future.  One in four people will experience a lawsuit in their lifetime.  It is an unfortunate reality but we live in a very frivolous and litigious society and lawsuits have literally become the next biggest business.  Everyday lawyers work hard to figure out how can make money off of the lazy get-rich-quick citizen who is willing to sue over the slightest perceived wrongdoing.  There are over 100 million lawsuits every year and that number is only growing.  You must think and act defensively to protect your wealth in today's predatory and lawsuit crazy world.

Who We Are

The Presser Law Firm P.A.  helps clients protect their hard-earned assets from lawyers, malpractice claims, creditors, foreclosure deficiencies, former or current spouses, children, relatives, and greedy lawsuit-obsessed citizens.  We have on our team asset protection attorneys, estate attorneys, trust attorneys, tax attorneys and more ensuring that you receive the best possible combination of expertise when protecting your money.  While many people can make money, very few know how to protect it.  We utilize proven strategies to successfully shield and shelter the wealth of thousands of individuals, families, and companies ranging from clients with one billion dollars to the hard working middle income family with two hundred thousand dollars.

What Does an Asset Protection Plan Look Like?

Asset protection is the legal process of titling both your personal and business assets to put them beyond the reach of future potential creditors. What we do as asset protection attorneys is we help our clients protect any asset they have from any financial threat.  We utilize both domestic asset protection structures as well as international asset protection structures to do this.  It’s our job to make it so difficult and expensive if not impossible for anybody to collect against you that they don’t want to sue you in the first place, we don’t want our clients to be the low hanging fruit.  Most plans will involve a strategic layering of family limited partnerships (FLP), limited liability companies (LLC), limited liability partnerships (LLP) and asset protection trusts to and various other techniques such as equity stripping accomplish this goal but each client’s needs are uniquely considered and multiple options will be presented to you.

Misconception that its only for the wealthy

Nobody gets up in the morning and expects to get sued.  A husband or wife could get in an accident taking the kids to soccer practice.  The reality is, nobody is immune from a lawsuit.  People also tend not to worry about it until it happens.  The problem with lawsuits is that even if they are frivolous lawsuits they can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes they can drag on for years.  The wealthy individual whose net worth is $40 million dollars would not be happy if he was sued for 5 million but at the end of the day he still has $35 million dollars.  The middle income family who gets in a car accident that has $200,000 dollars but is sued for half a million dollars would be completely ruined.

Why Would I Need Asset Protection If I Already Have Insurance?

Insurance is important and we tell people they should buy as much as you can because its generally cheap and easy to get but understand that Insurance companies are a business.  They don’t stay in business by giving away their money and the reality is the majority of incidents are not actually covered. My father used to say to me growing up “The big print giveth and the small print taketh away.” Insurance is a great tool to use with your asset protection plan but it should not be a substitute for an asset protection plan.

Working With Us

We take the time to speak with each potential client confidentially during our initial consultations.  In this 30-45 minute phone call or meeting we will go over your personal and business assets, your existing structures, current risk levels and determine exactly where you stand with your level of Asset Protection and safety.  As we determine what opportunities, threats, or potential challenges you might have we can present you with a clear understanding of exactly what The Presser Law Firm P.A.  can do for you. This initial consultation is completely FREE and is a complimentary offer we provide to each potential client.  It is just as much about you determining if you want to work with us as it is us determining if we are a fit to work with you.

Book a Consultation Today

Because our consultations are done primarily over the phone you don’t have to find an Asset Protection attorney near you.  We are located between Miami and West Palm Beach in beautiful Boca Raton, FL but service clients all across the United States.  To schedule this complimentary preliminary consultation all you have to do is contact us by phone at 561-953-1050 or e-mail us your name and request for a consultation to info@assetprotectionattorneys.com. We will get the ball rolling and get you scheduled ASAP to review and assess your unique situation.  We do not do cookie cutter plans we take each clients individual needs into consideration when making recommendations. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait until you experience a lawsuit personally to get started on building your Asset Protection Plan.  Contact us now.

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