What is Asset Protection?

Asset Protection is simply adopting a range of strategies to title your home, savings, real property, business and other assets in a manner that legally shields them against lawsuits and other claims.

The goal to protect one’s assets from litigants and creditors might seem apparent, yet there is more to it. Asset Protection – or lawsuit proofing, as some call it - creates a safety net. It won’t guarantee that you’ll avoid lawsuits or other financial calamities, but it can guarantee you’ll lose fewer assets if you do run into trouble. Unless your assets are protected, you’re in ‘free-fall.’ You’re vulnerable and exposed. You can’t afford that exposure. Not with the many risks you’ll encounter.

Of course, there are other threats to one’s wealth. Inflation, recession, stock market downturns, the devaluation of the dollar and other economic risks – can also eradicate one’s wealth. But we leave the solutions to those problems to financial planners and other professionals. Ours is a different niche. Our job is to protect our clients’ wealth against direct predatory attack.

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