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You are never too young or healthy to begin thinking about what you’ll leave behind for your loved ones and how you’ll do it. When people pass away without a will or trust, they die intestate (without an estate plan) and their property and assets are divided according to their state’s laws for doing so. The probate process under these circumstances can be costly and time-consuming, which diminishes what your heirs will benefit from your estate when division can occur about two or three years down the road.

At The Presser Law Firm, P.A., our attorneys for drafting wills and trusts can help you build the cornerstone of your estate plan to prevent this from happening to those you love. With either a will or trust in place, you can make your wishes known about how you want your property to pass on to family and friends.

Estate Planning and Trust Laws differ from state to state, but click on a link below for information that’s consistent across state lines:

Get started today by contacting The Presser Law Firm, P.A. today or by calling (561) 953-1050. We offer flat rates so you’ll know what you’re paying upfront and as soon as possible.

Build a Will to Cement Your Wishes

Everyone should have an up-to-date last will and testament to ensure that their belongings go to their desired beneficiaries. Many people believe that your belongings pass on regardless of whether you have a will, but this is not the case in today's age. A person dying intestate (without a will) is at risk of having their estate incur significant taxes and even pass to beneficiaries that were never intended.

Everyone should have a drafted will in place while periodically updating it to account for changes in circumstances for their families and lives.

A Trust Can Bypass Probate

While a will shall undergo probate even under the best circumstances, many people can avoid probate by placing their estate in a trust. When this is done, the creator of the trust can name themselves and others as beneficiaries of the trust, which can be managed by a third-party trustee or one of the beneficiaries. In essence, the creator’s estate belongs to the trust, not them as an individual, which is how a lengthy and potentially costly probate process can be bypassed in most cases.

Establishing a trust won’t be for everyone, which is why an attorney for drafting wills should be consulted to help explain your available options.

If you need to create a new will or trust, or amend existing documents, please reach out to us for assistance.

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