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Let The Presser Law Firm, P.A. Protect Your Corporation’s Interests in Legal Affairs

Whether your corporation is a large-stakes player or one with a strong grasp over a niche sector of the market, you’re no doubt aware of how dire a troubling legal situation can become. The fact is that bringing even just a single full-time attorney can cost your company a significant amount of overhead. Benefits packages, office space, equipment, and not to mention a competitive salary are just some of the basics it’ll take to hire a dedicated lawyer to bat for your team – but there’s another way. At The Presser Law Firm, we’ve handled affairs like these for companies like yours, and we’re here to provide solutions as your corporate general business counsel attorneys.

Companies of all sizes, at one point or another, may find themselves in need of a lawyer to walk them through a situation. When they don’t have a legal to fall back on, they rely on their corporate general business counsel attorneys like us to provide assistance. When you need proactive legal solutions to manage your corporation’s risk and liability, you can turn to The Presser Law Firm, P.A. to hire us on a retainer and skip the overhead you’d afford for in-house counsel.

If you’re in in need of a Boca Raton business counsel lawyer, reach out to us online or call (561) 953-1050 to schedule a consultation. Together, we can assess your needs and hour our firm can match solutions to better protect your business.

What Can The Presser Law Firm, P.A. Do for My Company?

How many times have you wondered about the legal implications of a business decision? They don’t have to be huge – even relatively minor mishaps can cost you in time and resources that would be better spent elsewhere. The same can be said for affairs whether they involve your company’s dealings with the government, another business entity, or your employees.

When you hire outside counsel on retainer for your corporation, you benefit an attorney who can:

  • Act as source for all legal inquiries for CEO and board members
  • Manage legal requests from various departments
  • Negotiate investment deals
  • Protect your interests in mergers and acquisitions
  • Provide contract services including drafting, review, interpretation, and negotiation
  • Compile regular status reports on your company’s legal affairs
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws
  • Interface with government agencies and regulatory bodies

We are not limited to providing these services for your company. When you schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, we’ll go over what you’re looking for in legal assistance.

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