Can you give us an idea of what kind of people come to you to protect their assets?

We attract clients of virtually every age, net worth, occupation and geographic location. We may do a plan to protect a Bostonian millionaire in the morning and another plan in the afternoon to shelter a North Dakota wage-earner’s assets. We meet a lot of interesting people from every background. Our client mix keeps our work exciting.

Obviously, a good many of our clients are physicians and other professionals, real estate people, business owners and others who are more likely lawsuit targets. The economic downturn now brings to us many real estate speculators, and homeowners who are ‘upside-down’ in their mortgages. They now want to protect their assets. We are also doing more planning for people with credit card and other general creditor problems. The fastest growing segment of our practice is those clients who want to lawsuit-proof their business and professional practice.