I imagine that integrated asset protection/estate planning can be quite complex - particularly for the high net worth individual?

Through this blog, we have only summarily discussed trusts that have been traditionally used for either asset protection or estate planning purposes. As with most fields, new strategies are constantly being developed (this is akin to new technologies being developed in the world of science). But there are state-of-the-art, recent, cutting edge trust developments in estate and asset protection planning. Few planners are aware of these trusts. Even fewer – only a few Boca Raton – actually know how to implement and use them for maximum benefit. Our website www.AssetProtectionAttorneys.com discusses some of these cutting edge trusts for estate planning. And this is an important point. High net worth individuals must work with knowledgeable advisors to stay abreast of the new opportunities to better protect their assets and simultaneously plan their estate.