How important is defensive planning for the small or mid-sized business or professional practice?

While lawsuit proofing is necessary for every individual, it is no less important for small businesses and professional practices. They are more vulnerable to lawsuits and creditor problems than individuals and need their own brand of financial protection. Unfortunately, few business owners go through the advanced planning necessary to blockade lawsuits and other inevitable financial threats that can sink their business. Business start-ups are the products of entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs are fueled by optimism. They journey into business happily envisioning only the upside, seldom the downside. Because they are success-oriented, they ignore the possibility of failure and overlook the most obvious precautions necessary to protect themselves and their business when trouble strikes. Experienced businesspeople are more realistic. They reduce risk. They defensively position their enterprise as well as their personal assets because they know their business will have battles and inevitable wars with creditors and litigants. The well-fortified business always has the best chance to survive.