Layering Asset Protection Strategies for Your Investments

When looking to protect your investments from creditors, you can often time layer different Asset Protection strategies for additional protection. For example, we may title your liquid investments to a limited partnership. The limited partnership can then owned by an International Asset Protection Trust as the limited partner. The International Trust can then in turn invests these funds through a Nevis or Cooks Island LLC as its subsidiary. By themselves each individual structure is protective in its own way, but when combined, these multiple layers of protection ensure that any investments are very well insulated.

Another example would be to have the Limited Partnership own all or part of an LLC which own other assets such as real estate, business interests, boats, or valuables. Or, your protective entity can be owned Tenancy by the Entirety if you live in a state that recognizes this. There are many different layering possibilities. How far we go to protect one’s investments depends on how much protection they need. We will generally provide a good, better, best scenario and talk the client through the cost benefit analysis for each.

For additional guidance on how to structure your Asset Protection Plan contact The Presser Law Firm, P.A.’s experienced Asset Protection attorneys. We offer a complimentary preliminary consultation which can address your specific questions or concerns and help you understand exactly where you stand from an Asset Protection point of view.

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