How Can I Best Protect My Investment Accounts?

Anyone with liquid assets titled in their personal name could lose it all to a lawsuit. The ideal way to protect your brokerage account would be to utilize international entities. Utilizing a foreign LLC or trust to own the account would afford you the highest level of protection. A creditor would not be able to enforce a judgement without relocating their case to the international jurisdiction in which your accounts are held. Often times a creditor will not even bother to do this as the cost of such endeavor would generally be much greater than the benefit. International jurisdictions such as the Cook Islands, Nevis, Belize, and Switzerland have built their reputations on acting in the best interest of their investors.

The next best option would be to title your accounts to a domestic protective entity such as a Limited Partnership or LLC. You will want to create these entities in a state that has the most favorable Asset Protection Laws. The most important thing to consider are the rights of a creditor to claim your ownership interests in these entities. State laws and court rulings are not necessarily consistent on this vital issue. The Limited Partnership offers the best domestic protection for your liquid assets. Not only are the assets protected from lawsuits and creditors, but you keep full control over your assets. Furthermore, the Limited Partnership can also reduce gift and estate taxes. Few other entities offer as many advantages as the Limited Partnership.

For additional guidance on how to protect your investment accounts contact The Presser Law Firm’s experienced Asset Protection attorneys. We offer complimentary preliminary consultations which can address your specific questions or concerns and help you understand exactly how to protect your assets.

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