Why is Asset Protection so Important Today?

The answer is obvious. We live in a lawsuit-crazy, financially risky world; where too many people unexpectedly lose their assets. The number of lawsuits in American havereached sweeping proportions. About 50 million lawsuits are filed every year. Statistically, each American will be sued five times over their lifetime. And this doesn’t include all the other potential threats – divorce, etc. Today, the challenge is not making money – it’s keeping it!

More and more families, individuals and businesses are sued each year. It can happen to anyone! That's why so many people today want and need to protect their wealth against lawsuits and these other dangers. They want financial security. They want peace of mind. They want and need to know how to defend themselves financially. This is vital for people from every economic background.

The reality in today’s society is that you can be sued for almost anything. However, it is not whether you are sued that is important, what really matters is if someone can collect against you. A plaintiff’s lawyer evaluates the case against you and weighs the cost of suing against the odds of winning. We cannot prevent lawsuits from happening but if you are targeted in a lawsuit, the existence of your Asset Protection plan, in and of itself, can oftentimes be enough to completely deter litigation. If you prevent even one potential lawsuit in your lifetime, you pay for your Asset Protection plan many times over.

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