Are there counter-offensive strategies that one can use to discourage lawsuits?

We follow the axiom – "The best defense is a good offense." This is no less true when it comes to asset protection. We use a number of strategies to impose liability against a creditor. For instance, we may force a creditor who obtains a charging order against a limited partnership or LLC interest to pay the income taxes on the debtor's income from the entity. Or a creditor who sues your foreign LLC or international trust may be required to pay a hefty bond to cover your legal fees. We can impose other liabilities on a pursuing creditor. Porcupines use quills and we add 'quills' to our asset protection plans. We want to give the creditor a 'downside' when chasing wealth. A creditor uncertain about what they might eventually recover must be very certain about what they can lose through litigation. The best quill of course, is to force your creditor to spend a fortune in legal fees to even attempt seizure of your assets.