What are the differences between a good and great asset protection plan?

Great lawsuit protection doesn't just happen. First and foremost, if you are to most effectively block litigants and creditors from claiming your assets, you should protect yourself before trouble strikes. You also need the right strategies and tools for your particular situation. A good plan may safe keep your assets yet few good plans are great plans. A great plan gives you additional benefits. The plan is ideal for you. We have reviewed thousands of asset protection plans and an endless variety of strategies and techniques. While no two planners are likely to propose precisely the same plan; nevertheless, we found that many 'good' plans could easily have been great plans with a bit more thought. A great plan provides more protection and benefits with less cost and complexity. And to create that great plan, your planner must fully understand your other financial and personal goals and, most importantly, have the skill and caring to achieve those diverse goals within the context of providing sound protection.