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Recent Posts in International Asset Protection Category

How Does Tax Planning Work with Asset Protection?

We take Tax Planning into consideration when creating each client’s individualized, customized, and tailored Asset Protection plan. Each structure, whether Domestic or International varies when ...
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The Benefits of International Asset Protection

The most defensive way you can protect your assets is International Asset Protection. While domestic Asset Protection offers great protection, International Asset Protection can offer you more. Anyone ...
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Why is Asset Protection so Important Today?

The answer is obvious. We live in a lawsuit-crazy, financially risky world; where too many people unexpectedly lose their assets. The number of lawsuits in American havereached sweeping proportions. ...
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If your business fails or is sued, how can you protect the valuable assets?

The goal of a business owners should be to title as few valuable assets as possible to their operating company. Why needlessly lose valuable assets if their business fails or is sued? It’s ...
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Domestic vs. International Asset Protection Plans

Determining whether you need Domestic or International Asset Protection, or both, depends entirely on the type of assets you have, the level of protection you are looking for, and the amount of money ...
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When Should You Start Protecting Your Assets?

The answer is NOW. Being the New Year, making sure everything you own is protected should be at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list. If you are a business owner, it is important to ...
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Asset Protection for Your Primary Home

Asset Protection is utilized by individuals and businesses to legally and ethically protect assets from the future/potential threat of creditors. The best time to protect assets is before a legal ...
Continue reading "Asset Protection for Your Primary Home" »

Asset Protection Tips

Asset Protection is the process of legally and ethically protecting assets from the threat of future/potential creditors. Each State has their own Asset Protection laws and nuances, however, the ...
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How Can I Best Protect My Investment Accounts?

Anyone with liquid assets titled in their personal name could lose it all to a lawsuit. The ideal way to protect your brokerage account would be to utilize international entities. Utilizing a foreign ...
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Why Would You Use International Asset Protection?

There are many reasons why international Asset Protection is so effective. One reason, for example, is that international Asset Protection centers don’t enforce U.S. judgments or judicial or ...
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How Safe is International Asset Protection?

For the safest protection, you should keep a portion of your assets in an international jurisdiction. International family wealth planning has been popular for 2,000 years, originating with the Roman ...
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Is there one specific entity or magic bullet for Asset Protection planning?

The belief that there could be a ‘one-size fits all’ Asset Protection plan is a common myth that needs to be destroyed. No such thing exists. That’s not to say some “Asset ...
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Can assets be divorce-proofed by transferring them internationally?

Sometimes spouses planning divorce do shelter their assets in international asset protection trusts. Although they must disclose these trust assets to the divorce court, the court generally cannot ...
Continue reading "Can assets be divorce-proofed by transferring them internationally?" »
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