Why Would You Use International Asset Protection?

There are many reasons why international Asset Protection is so effective. One reason, for example, is that international Asset Protection centers don’t enforce U.S. judgments or judicial or administrative orders. You thus gain jurisdictional immunity. Countries that won’t enforce U.S. civil decrees are the countries we use for lawsuit protection. Since these countries don’t recognize American judgments or civil decrees, the creditor must re-litigate their case within that international jurisdiction. For many reasons, this may be impractical or impossible for the creditor. For instance, the statute of limitations may have expired, or the country may not recognize the type liability which is the basis for the lawsuit. These countries also impose procedural obstacles to effectively blockade creditors and litigation. Asset Protection jurisdictions are debtor-friendly. They’re in business to protect their customers’ wealth. Wealth protection is what they sell. And they do it well.

Asset Protection jurisdictions make their protective entities even more protective than do other countries. International Asset Protection trusts, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, foundations, captive insurance companies, international business companies, hybrid companies and various other entities, each provide considerably better protection than do comparable U.S. entities. That’s why few judgment creditors recover a defendant’s international wealth. Without their international protection, many debtors would undoubtedly have lost their money. And contrary to myth, it’s perfectly legal to invest and protect your money internationally. Nor is it difficult or unsafe. But you must do it correctly. For instance, you must comply with the IRS reporting requirements and pay the taxes on your international earnings. You want to go international either for creditor protection or to invest. You don’t go international to save taxes. Most international protective arrangements are tax-neutral and will neither reduce, defer, nor increase your taxes.

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