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Recent Posts in LLC Category

Should your Asset Protection Plan have multiple firewalls?

Each Asset Protection Plan is individualized and customized to a client’s specific needs. Your Asset Protection Plan may need only one firewall to well-shield an asset or it may require several. ...
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S-Corporations vs. Limited Liability Companies

The Limited Liability Companies continues to be the most popular entity today due to its many advantages. The owners of both an LLC and S Corporations have limited liability and both entities can be ...
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How Non-Disclosure Agreements Can Save Your Business

Non-disclosure Agreements, commonly referred to as an “NDA”, is an extremely important Contract to have available and to execute with third parties during all stages of business ...
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Asset Protection is Not About Hiding

Asset protection is often mistakenly deemed fraudulent; however, Asset Protection is in fact 100% legal, if done properly. In order to ensure that what you are doing is actually worth your money and ...
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Domestic vs. International Asset Protection Plans

Determining whether you need Domestic or International Asset Protection, or both, depends entirely on the type of assets you have, the level of protection you are looking for, and the amount of money ...
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When Should You Start Protecting Your Assets?

The answer is NOW. Being the New Year, making sure everything you own is protected should be at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list. If you are a business owner, it is important to ...
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The 2020 Gift and Estate Tax Exemption

Each year, towards the end of the year, the Government announces the Estate Tax Exemption for the following year along with the corresponding Gift Tax Exemption. The Estate Tax Exemption is the sum of ...
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You Have a Revocable Trust, Now What?

Many individuals who execute Estate Planning believe that the execution of such documents is the end of the process. What most individuals fail to realize is the importance of funding or transferring ...
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Florida Homestead Tips and Traps - Part 2

The following are tips and traps related to applying for and maintaining homestead on a Florida primary residence: Review and File for all Qualified Exemptions: The homestead exemption is the most ...
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Asset Protection for Your Primary Home

Asset Protection is utilized by individuals and businesses to legally and ethically protect assets from the future/potential threat of creditors. The best time to protect assets is before a legal ...
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Asset Protection Tips

Asset Protection is the process of legally and ethically protecting assets from the threat of future/potential creditors. Each State has their own Asset Protection laws and nuances, however, the ...
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How Walt Disney Used Land Trusts to Purchase and Build Disney World

Walt Disney is one of the most well-known cases where a high net worth individual used Land Trusts to obtain an upper hand in expanding their empire. Unknown to most people, Disney Land (in Anaheim, ...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Land Trust

While Land Trusts are not the only strategy for creating privacy with regard to the ownership of Real Estate, it is important to understand all of the advantages and disadvantages of owning Real ...
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What are digital assets?

As the use of technology continues to grow, businesses rely more and more on organizing, storing, and processing information digitally. It has become so second nature that we may not even be aware of ...
Continue reading "What are digital assets?" »

How should you protectively title autos and other vehicles?

When you think of your automobile, golf cart, boat, plane or other adult toys they are not usually your most valuable assets. With many clients we see these assets left un-protected or even worse ...
Continue reading "How should you protectively title autos and other vehicles?" »

Layering Asset Protection Strategies for Your Investments

When looking to protect your investments from creditors, you can often time layer different Asset Protection strategies for additional protection. For example, we may title your liquid investments to ...
Continue reading "Layering Asset Protection Strategies for Your Investments" »

What Is the Best Business Structure For a Small Business?

There are three primary types of business structures, the sole proprietorship, the partnership, and several types of corporations. Within these structures many variations of the business may exist. ...
Continue reading "What Is the Best Business Structure For a Small Business?" »

How Can I Best Protect My Investment Accounts?

Anyone with liquid assets titled in their personal name could lose it all to a lawsuit. The ideal way to protect your brokerage account would be to utilize international entities. Utilizing a foreign ...
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Does Your LLC Fully Protect You?

Limited liability companies were designed to do what their name suggests, limit your liability. LLC’s limit the owner’s liability for any bad business debt within the corporate structure. ...
Continue reading "Does Your LLC Fully Protect You?" »

Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors

Real estate is one of the oldest and most consistent forms of investing. When investing in real estate, you should always own the property in a Limited Liability Company “LLC”. The LLC is ...
Continue reading "Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors" »

Double Your Protection: Have a Limited Partnership Own Your LLC

If your Limited Liability Company (LLC) owns substantial real estate – or if your LLC includes non-family members – you'll want stronger protection. To directly own your LLC membership ...
Continue reading "Double Your Protection: Have a Limited Partnership Own Your LLC" »

Sidestep Liens Against Your Home With A Single-Member LLC

It's often wise to title your home to a Single-Member Limited Liability Company (LLC) because the home titled to the LLC avoids a judgment creditor's attachment from clouding the home's ...
Continue reading "Sidestep Liens Against Your Home With A Single-Member LLC" »
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