Five ways to lower huge legal fees when divorcing

Divorce lawyers can consume one-third or more of a divorcing couple’s assets. In a sense, you may need as much protection against huge legal fees as against spousal claims. Why fight to keep your assets from your spouse only to lose them to your lawyer?

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As with every legal battle, divorce can be unbelievably costly. So you must limit your costs before you do battle or you’ll lose the war.

  1. Hire an attorney well-experienced with divorces and who will also respect your desire for an economical, fast and relatively painless divorce.
  2. Shorten the battle and save a fortune in legal fees. Complete the divorce quickly! Don’t let your lawyers needlessly prolong it with endless depositions and court appearances. These tactics only generate horrendous legal bills without a corresponding benefit.
  3. Arbitrate or mediate. These are good, cost-effective alternatives to divorce court. Your spouse is probably as anxious as you to resolve the divorce and save legal fees.
  4. Settle whatever points you can directly with your spouse. You can then more quickly reach agreement on unresolved issues.
  5. Watch your lawyer’s time. You can largely control legal costs. Don’t make unnecessary demands on your lawyer’s time.

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