How Safe is International Asset Protection?

For the safest protection, you should keep a portion of your assets in an international jurisdiction. International family wealth planning has been popular for 2,000 years, originating with the Roman emperors who relocated their fortunes to international lands to preserve their riches for their descendants.

International wealth protection is far more popular today, primarily because of our lawsuit explosion. Trillions are now protected in various international financial centers (IFCs) whose Asset Protection laws attract wealth from less-protective countries. Each year we find more Americans seeking international Asset Protection and international investing opportunities. They realize that ‘going international’ can be the safest place for their money in these unsafe times.

Unfortunately, one of the impediments we have to sound Asset Protection planning is the client – or their ill-informed advisors – who nonsensically believe shifting wealth internationally is somehow illegal, unsafe, or only for tax evaders, money-launders or other assorted criminals. That’s why we frequently have to re-educate our clients or their advisors on the benefits of international planning. That is why education is a major part of what we do.

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