Don't Fool Yourself. Your Wealth Needs Protection.

Do you think that you don’t need Asset Protection? Maybe you don’t have many assets to protect or their value is not that high. Or maybe you believe that because you’re very careful, the bad things that happen to other people – like a major lawsuit or divorce -- are not likely to happen to you.

Wealth is relative. What might not seem like a lot would sure put you in a bind if it were to be seized. In that sense, Asset Protection is even more important the less you have to protect. You should also be aware that you don’t need to be negligent, a law breaker, or deadbeat to lose your wealth. Life is a financial minefield.

We hear stories all the time about crazy lawsuits and excessive judgements being awarded for seemingly inconsequential things. Those people and companies never thought they could be sued for something like that, but it happens. And its occurrence is only getting more frequent in today’s lawsuit-plagued society.

Investing in your wealth’s protection no matter how big or small is, therefore, a must. In fact, most families can shelter their net worth for less than they would imagine. When you choose to protect your assets, you gain four primary benefits.

1. Asset Protection will discourage lawsuits and help you to more favorably settle any pending lawsuits.

2. Asset Protection can lower or eliminate your insurance costs.

3. Asset Protection improves your overall financial planning.

4. Most importantly, Asset Protection prevents the catastrophic loss of your assets if a claim is made against you.

Because of these powerful benefits and others, our clients don’t think of Asset Protection as a costly, unnecessary expense. It’s an investment. And it’s your best investment for peace of mind. You can sleep well when you don’t have to worry about losing your wealth to means outside of your control. Don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need to protect your wealth. Reach out to The Presser Law Firm to get started on your investment for a lifetime of financial security for yourself and your family.