Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Successful wealth protection doesn't just happen. Whether you can effectively blockade your adversaries from grabbing your assets depends on 'ifs':

  • If you protect yourself before trouble strikes.
  • If you use the right strategies and tools for your particular situation.
  • If you have a professional advisor with the necessary skills to build your best financial fortress.
  • If you enthusiastically shelter your wealth as you generate your wealth.

Asset Protection is a strategy to title your savings, property, business, and other assets to shield them from lawsuits and other claims. Asset Protection helps prevent your adversaries from seizing your wealth.

Asset Protection is a safety net. It doesn't guarantee that you won't get sued or run into other financial calamities; but if you do, you will lose fewer assets — otherwise you're in 'free-fall,' vulnerable and exposed. Your lawyer may fight to defend you against a lawsuit, but your lawyer probably won't tell you to shelter yourself in the event they lose your lawsuit. That's something you must know and do!

Yes, You Can Lose Everything!

You may think that your wealth is safe and that you don't need protection. But don't delude yourself and accept reality — for every 60 minutes you spend making money, spend 60 seconds thinking about how to protect it!