I imagine that a major lawsuit can cause quite a bit of stress. How do most of your clients react to litigation?

Who can be happy about being a defendant in a major lawsuit? It can be emotionally devastating. They can spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars – or even millions – to defend the case. We have seen our share of nervous breakdowns, divorces, health problems and personal bankruptcies triggered by litigation. And how our client responds to the stresses of litigation can influence the outcome of their case even more than their asset protection plan. We have had many clients settle their cases for more than was necessary only because they could no longer endure the emotional strain from the lawsuit. Their own emotional fragility was the weak link in their protective armor. But we well-understand this and we spend a fair amount of our time responding to our clients’ stresses. Ultimately, the client’s ability to withstand the strain of conflict determines how far we may go with a case.