Can you give us an overview on International Asset Protection?

Our many years as asset protection and wealth preservation lawyers have taught us that the safest wealth is international wealth. We create international asset protection programs for many clients and very few have lost their international assets to any litigant. These clients also enjoy greater privacy and more than a few find investing internationally to be more profitable.

Your money is far safer internationally than it is in lawsuit-crazed America. Yes, you must pay your taxes on your international income and follow tax reporting rules, but it's all 100 percent legitimate. If your accountant or lawyer thinks international finance is only for crooks, frauds, and the super-rich, they would be wrong, and their narrow mindedness could cost you your wealth.

International wealth protection is increasingly popular and will continue to grow in importance and popularity because financial and legal professionals want stronger protection for their clients. Unfortunately, too many lawyers still rely entirely on domestic asset protection strategies when their clients' money would be considerably safer internationally. That's why when we protect our wealthier clients we frequently blend domestic and international strategies. We use the domestic strategies to shelter their U.S.-based assets, such as real estate and their business, and their international entities protect their nest egg and liquid investments. This combination creates the most effective overall protection.