How protective are the homestead laws?

The state homestead laws may partly or fully creditor protect the home's equity. Nine states totally homestead protect the home; however, most state homestead laws only partly creditor shield the home. The state homestead laws vary greatly in how much home equity they protect. Homestead laws, in all instances, apply only to the home or primary residence. You must own and occupy the property as your home. Other restrictions may limit your homestead protection. For example, Florida protects an unlimited home equity; however, the acreage must fall under certain limits. Lot size is a common restriction. If your home qualifies for some homestead protection, you must determine how much equity it protects. Most states lawsuit-proof between $5,000 and $50,000 in equity. So forhomes with a large equity, the homestead laws may be nearly worthless. However, if you live in Texas, Florida or other states that fully homestead protects the home, you have an exceptionally strong firewall. A number of states generously homestead up to $500,000 or more in equity.

The homestead laws can raise more questions than they answer. For instance, Florida recently ruled that one property used for a home, commercial farm and guest house qualified the entire property for homestead. But is a houseboat homestead protected? To answer these questions you have to thoroughly check your state statutes and case law.