If I put my money internationally, do I lose access to it?

As the grantor of an International Asset Protection Trust (IAPT) you cannot revoke the trust, but if you’re not under court duress, you can access the trust funds. For example, as a trust beneficiary you can borrow from the trust, or you can collateralize loans to yourself through ‘back-to-back’ financing. Your trust may also transact business with you or your company, and in that manner ‘indirectly’ conduit funds to you. The trustee can distribute funds to any beneficiary, including yourself if you are a beneficiary. If you’re not a beneficiary, your spouse and/or children are likely to be. There are many ways to quickly access your international funds. There are even ways to make your trust revocable with the assent of both the trustee and the protector. But as the grantor, you cannot solely exercise the right to revoke or control your trust or access your assets, or you’ll lose your protection.