Are different plans necessary to protect against different financial dangers?

No one plan is equally effective against every claim. Asset Protection is much like football. The best defensive positioning in any given case is the one that can most effectively block a particular offensive line. Likewise, to protect assets against a routine civil lawsuit would probably require a far different strategy than one we would use to protect their assets against divorce.

First and foremost, your plan must effectively protect you against any known and imminent threats, or the danger that may prompt you to seek protection in the first place. Yet, you can't always foresee trouble. A preventative plan gives you a foundation or basic protection.

We then add firewalls to effectively blockade specific threats as they appear. You can modify a flexible plan to meet each situation. You must also understand your plan's limitations and consult your advisor whenever you face a new threat. A more flexible plan also accommodates your personal lifestyle changes.

Newer, more effective Asset Protection strategies and opportunities should also encourage you to periodically upgrade your plan. And once a particular legal threat ends you may want to partially dismantle your plan and eliminate excessive 'firewalls' that are too costly to maintain and unnecessary against future claimants.

Great plans are 'modular' in that you can speedily add, delete or change firewalls. Our objective is to create a modular plan.