The Dangers of DIY Estate Planning

While it’s true that there are some really good companies with fill-in-the-blank templates online, more often than not a DIY Estate Plan can be riddled with error.

Instructions for do-it-yourself document creation software must be crystal clear in order for the average person to successfully avoid making a costly error. In fact, some forms, like healthcare surrogates or living wills, are straightforward and can be completed online error-free without the help of an attorney.

However, even minor mistakes can mess up an entire document. A more complicated document, like a will or a trust, can mean something completely different than intended if drafted incorrectly.

Webinar Video: Estate Planning Mistakes

The biggest problem with a DIY approach to Estate Planning is simple: you’re not a lawyer. And even if you are, just as doctors don’t treat themselves, lawyers generally don’t create their own documents.

Mistakes can be very costly to fix, and an Estate can easily get used up from the legal fees in the aftermath of poorly-drafted documents. If you’re tempted to do an Estate Plan yourself because the cost of a qualified Estate Planning Attorney concerns you, weigh it up against the cost of future litigation.

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