Business Succession Planning - The Entrepreneur's Legacy

Every entrepreneur and business owner knows the depth of passion and work that goes into owning and running their own business. The hours that are never tracked, the behind the scenes work, and time away from family and friends that can’t be calculated are all part of the intrinsic value of your business. Statistically only one quarter of small businesses survive past 15 years. If you have built up a business and beat the odds to keep it not only alive but thriving, you need to seriously consider business succession planning.

A well-designed plan allows your business to continue running un-interrupted regardless of your retirement, incapacity, or death. The plan also allows your business to pass without going to probate which could put the business in the hands of unintended beneficiaries or at risk of potential creditors. The time it takes to create your business succession plan depends on the size of your business, how many key positions will be required, and the complexity of your succession plan.

Many small businesses, including those run by families, run across many generations and the only way to accomplish this goal is to preemptively plan for successors to take over the business before the owner or key executives choose to, or are forced to leave it. Your business can live perpetually, but you cannot! However, your hard work in establishing and growing your business can reflect in your business’ lifetime if you plan for its future. To ensure you are protecting your property and yourself in the best possible way call us today to schedule a complimentary preliminary consultation with one of our Asset Protection Attorneys. We will review your business and its current situation to suggest the best possible route for protecting your valuable asset.

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