Asset Protection Guide: Understanding Insurance Companies and How to Beat Them

Over the past few weeks, numerous small business owners have been caught off guard by the fine print inside their business interruption coverage. Am I covered for Coronavirus? Is it legally considered a pandemic? Do I still need to pay my rent? These questions could mean life or death for your small business. So, how can you be prepared for possible litigation BEFORE it’s too late?

Before reading on, you must know that I am a big fan on liability insurance, however you have to understand that a majority of lawsuits are not covered by insurance. Therefore, your first step is to accept the fact that you as a small business owner, do not understand all of the nuances of an insurance policy before you sign it. Therefore, it is important to have a trained legal professional read through your policies before you sign them. In order to ensure you are covered for the items you want and in order to negotiate with the insurance company to get the coverage you need.

Once you accept this as the truth you are ready for the second big truth that no one tells you:

There is a clear conflict of interest between an insurance company and its customers. The insurance company seeks to reduce claims and the customer seeks to maximize them. The playing field, however, is imbalanced because the people writing the policy are extremely experienced in writing insurance contracts while the customer is usually quite inexperienced at reading them.

This often leads to disappointed claimants who thought they were buying certain insurance but due to various “circumstances” they will not be covered.

So how can you avoid the situation? You need an Asset Protection Plan to supplement your insurance. Now you have plan A and plan B. If your insurance does not cover your claim, you are not the low hanging fruit, you now have an Asset Protection plan to cover you.

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