How Can You Maximize Your Asset Protection?

For the safest protection, you should keep a portion of your assets in an international jurisdiction. International family wealth planning has been popular for 2,000 years, originating with the Roman emperors who relocated their fortunes to international lands to preserve their riches for their descendants. International wealth protection is far more popular today, primarily because of our lawsuit explosion.

Trillions are now protected in various international financial centers (IFCs) whose Asset Protection laws attract wealth from less-protective countries. These asset protection jurisdictions have special laws that allow you to form unusually protective asset protection structures and entities within their country. International asset protection trusts, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, foundations, captive insurance companies, international business companies, and hybrid companies are examples. Each entity, in its own way, gives you far more protection than you could obtain through a comparable U.S. entity.

Below are just a few reasons you get the best protection when your assets are international:

  1. International Asset Protection jurisdictions won't recognize or enforce U.S. judgments. You have jurisdictional immunity meaning that a creditor must re-litigate their case in within that foreign jurisdiction.
  2. Asset Protection jurisdiction have a short statute of limitation making it difficult for a creditor to meet the time constraints to sue. For example, an international lawsuit must usually be filed within two years from when you transferred your assets internationally.
  3. Another obstacle facing a determined creditor who attempts to recover your international assets is that your trustee can relocate your international assets to yet another trust or protective entity in another haven.

There are many other requirements that effectively filter most prospective claims against a defendant's international assets.

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