How Lawsuits Are Becoming the Next Big Business

People will sue you for anything and everything, for as little as your car warranty to something as large as your assets. They are looking to take these pieces of you and your business because they can. However, if you protect yourself now, you can be covered when they attempt to sue you. 

Whether you run a small business or own a big tech company, it doesn’t matter. Everyone needs to protect themselves from the law. Here’s what you need to know:

Small Businesses


As a small business owner, your plate is already filled with promoting products, managing employees, overseeing cash flow, and so much more. The last thing on your mind is a potential lawsuit. However, lawsuits against small businesses occur more frequently than is assumed, and can damage your business’s reputation. 


A few reasons why your small business could be sued is for issues regarding intellectual property, discrimination, harrassment, wage disputes, and property accidents and injuries. Reflecting on your business, you may think that you have all of these areas covered. But do you really want to take that chance without a professional attorney’s consultation and protection? 


Two ways to secure your small business’s possible suits is by protecting your personal interests by forming an LLC, and by securing your wealth by forming Limited Partnerships (LP). Take action today, and rest easy at night knowing that your hard work is protected from legal headaches. 

Big Tech Owners


Antitrust lawsuits are on the rise against big tech companies, and you need to be aware of the possibility that the next suit could point at you. 


Take a look at Google and Facebook, for example, two household names in the tech world. A media company in West Virginia claimed in a lawsuit that Google and Facebook were working together to monopolize the digital ad market. This was an extensive suit that cited government cases, and was not the only one. 


Big tech owners are at risk to be sued, especially following the numerous, recent, and costly suits like the example above. In order to stay protected and be a step ahead of possible lawsuits, big tech owners can protect themselves with an Asset Protection Trust (APT). It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to ensuring your company’s security.

Even if you aren’t running a small business or don’t own a big tech company, there are still a number of common lawsuits in small claims court that can eat at your assets. 


Anything from bad debt to breach of warranty to professional malpractice can be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Be aware of all of these possible lawsuits and protect yourself by getting a line of credit and encumbering everything you own. We can help.


If you have exposed wealth, you are liable to these suits. More than that, you’re an easy target. Take action to protect your assets, and look at your protection options so your life’s work can remain what it is: yours.